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Call The Waterman for water cooler services in or around Auckland

If you need a water cooler to enjoy regular supply of pure water, then you're in the right place. The Waterman, based in Auckland, supplies New Zealand's highly purified, filtered and sterilised water in any volume you require.

We can provide a water cooler, or many, plus the necessary filters, so you can enjoy the health benefits of fresh, crystal clear water every day. We provide: 
  • Water coolers (inline and bottled, H/C)
  • Bottled water delivery
  • Cooler sanitising
  • Filter servicing and replacements
  • Rentals and sales
  • Short or long term rentals
Give our expert team a call today.
Water coolers in Auckland

Top quality brands

Enjoying clean water as a part of your daily routine will have enormous health benefits for you and your employees. And with a water cleaner from The Waterman in Auckland, it's hassle free too.

Our temperature controlled water is highly purified, filtered and sterilised, is crystal clear, healthy, and tastes great. The quality of our product is the key reason behind our status as Auckland's favourite water cooler supplier. 
Water cooler at a workplace

Coolers and fitters

A temperature controlled water cooler in the workplace means healthier, happier employees. A regular supply of great tasting water is guaranteed with The Waterman, from top quality brands such as Australia's own Waterworks.

Once we've arranged the installation of your water cooler, maintenance is simple and refreshing water will be delivered to your door as often as you like.
The Waterman carrying a water cooler

Regular supply

Our source of clean, refreshing water is limitless, and therefore so is yours. Our reliable team delivers on time, every time, making sure that you're never without the benefits of refreshing, crystal clear water. Whether you'd like a water cooler, or several, for your home, school or business, The Waterman can help. Think The Waterman for highly purified, filtered and sterilised water delivered straight to your door in or around Auckland.
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